Whether we meet face to face or online, our worship is open to all ages and focused around Bible lessons, singing praise and prayer.

At our meetings, someone (male or female) is invited to take the lead and share Bible based encouraging thoughts with us. Often the atmosphere is one where we can spontaneously ask questions and share additional thoughts as we go along.

After or during these sessions, in the tradition of Christian churches the world over, we pause to specifically remember Jesus’ personal sacrifice for us by prayerfully sharing bread and wine as symbols of his life, death and resurrection.

As an act of remembrance of your Saviour, you are welcome to take the bread and wine along with us.

At out physical meetings, after our time of praise, song and memorial we have a meal together. Members and regulars bring along food and drink items to share and, regardless of age and circumstances, you are also warmly invited to stay and enjoy this fellowship meal with us as well.