When we meet

We meet at Pannal Memorial Hall on the second  Sunday of every month at 11am. For details of where we meet on the intervening weeks, please contact David Adamson 07772281039
The address is: Pannal Memorial Hall, Station Road, Harrogate, HG3 1JG
Date:2018 Breaking of Bread Lunch Finish
Jan 14th 11am 12.30 2.30 W. Leadbeater
Feb 11th 11am 12.30 2.30 C. Broughton-Janes
Mar 11th  11am 12.30 2.30 M. Hardy
April 8th  11am  12.30  2.30  J. Sreeves
May 13th  11am 12.30 2.30 V. Eastman
June 10th 11am 12.30 2.30 L. Hemingray
July 8th 11am 12.30  2.30 J. Fitzgibbon
Sept 9th 11am 12.30 2.30
Oct  28th 11am 12.30 2.30  T. Stewart

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