26th June – Verity Norris (Barnsley)
Mothers in Jesus’ genealogy.
8th May – Mike Hardy (South Lakes)
‘Stay with us, Jesus’, as we learn through our difficulties and our doubts.
24th April – Tony Norris (Barnsley)
Modern day ‘Good Samaritans’.
3rd April – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham, Jarvis Avenue)
What is truth?
13th March – Tony Stewart (South Lakes)
Why Jesus was tested in the wilderness and what it tells about out Saviour.
6th February – Jack Fitzgibbon (Ashton)
Purposefully making a difference. Praying for and letting others know that they are loved.
22nd January – (Saturday) Quiz, games and curry evening.
9th January – Tim Genders (South Africa – via Zoom)
Breathing. Meditating on God’s holy name using our own breath.


19th December – Carols and mince pies
21st November – Aaron Broughton-Janes (Daleside)
There is no shame in Christ.
17th October – Tim Genders (Yate)
The signature look of love.
12th September – [informal gathering]
[With social restrictions lifted we recommenced our monthly face-to-face meetings.]
4th July – Jack Fitzgibbon (Manchester)
The importance of unity and living the example set for us by Christ.
20th June – Marilyn Rodwell (Solihull)
Being mindful of our motives in how and when we service others and why.
13th June – Chris and Glen Brown (Bournemouth)
Worship is not mute! Song and dance is God honouring and life affirming.
23rd May – Norman Stock (Bournemouth)
Joy as an expression of the holy spirit.
19th May – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham)
Our thoroughly valuable, honourable and genderless place within Christ’s ‘Body’.
25th April – Michael Ash (Birmingham)
Accepting God does not expect, need or even want perfection from us.
18th April – Heidi Broughton-Janes
The great gift that God gives us in our friends.
11th April – Ruth Coles (Yate)
Only the meek can inherit the earth.
28th March – Mark Fryer (Yate)
Waking up to the value and impact of your life. Be like Jesus to others (Matthew 25)
27th March (Saturday) – Matt Wisner
Experiences of an agnostic gay ex-Christadelphian.
21st March – Tom Peel (Birmingham)
Transcending the ordinary to draw closer to God.
14th March – Mike Hardy (South Lakes)
The call to be fishers of men and the importance of pastoral care.
7th March – James Brown (Bournemouth)
Unlike life under The Law, in Christ there are no boundaries.
28th February – Alan Coles (Yate)
God as the shepherd of our inner lives and applying Matt 25:34-40 to ourselves.
21st February – Verity Norris (Barnsley)
Being refined by our trials to become better people (1 Peter 1:6, 7).
31st January – Caroline Broughton-Janes
Biblical use of water and its association with the holy spirit.
24th January – Vaughan Eastman
The value of solitude.
10th January – Tony Norris (Barnsley)
The humanity and struggles of Christ and reaching out to anyone in need.


20th December – Christmas Carol Service
God’s promises and our hope through our Lord Jesus.
15th November – Carmel Page (Sheffield)
Helping our Persian brothers.
11th October – Michael Ash (Birmingham)
Christians and mental health.
12th July – Jack Fitzgibbon (Manchester)
Welcoming a newly baptised one (Eph 3:14-21; 2 Cor 5 :17-21; Jh 3:1-8).
14th June – Verity Norris (Barnsley)
Marriage in Bible times paralleling events in a believer’s life.
7th June – Jack Fitzgibbon (Manchester)
Welcoming two newly baptised ones (Col 3:12-17; 2 Cor 5:17-20).
1st June – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham)
The social background to women (part 2) – In The Early Church.
25th May – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham)
The social background to women (part 1) – At The Time of Jesus.
17th May – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham)
God is in charge and he never stops caring about you.
[Due to the coronavirus pandemic we began meeting online.]
March – Tony Norris (Barnsley)
Matthew 18 and forgiveness.
February – meeting cancelled [Storm Ciara]
January – Wayne Leadbeater
Confession and ‘restoration’ (James 5:16).


December – Felicity S.
The living water from Christ and feeling and finding joy no matter what.
November – Velvet Broughton-Janes
Making christingles and being ‘the light of Christ’ to one another.
October – Tony Stewart (South Lakes)
Luke 22 and the presence of Jesus at a ‘breaking of bread’.
September – Tony Norris (Barnsley)
Why did Jesus have to die?