Scheduled Speakers and Topics

15th November – Carmel Page (Sheffield)
Helping our Persian brothers.
11th October – Michael Ash (Bournemouth)
Christians and mental health.
12th July – Jack Fitzgibbon (Old Trafford)
Welcoming a newly baptised one (Eph 3:14-21; 2Cor 5 :17-21; Jh 3:1-8)
14th June – Verity Norris (Barnsley)
Bible marriage paralleling events in a believer’s life.
7th June – Jack Fitzgibbon (Old Trafford)
Welcoming two newly baptised ones (Col 3:12-17; 2 Cor 5:17-20).
1st June – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham Jarvis Avenue)
The social background to women (part 2) – In The Early Church.
25th May – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham Jarvis Avenue)
The social background to women (part 1) – At The Time of Jesus.
17th May – Liz Hemingray (Nottingham Jarvis Avenue)
God is in charge and he never stops caring about you.

[Due to the coronavirus social restrictions we began meeting online.]

March – Tony Norris (Barnsley)
Matthew 18 and forgiveness.
February – meeting cancelled (Storm Ciara)
January – Wayne Leadbeater (Daleside)
Confession and ‘restoration’ (James 5:16).

December – Felicity S. (Daleside)
The living water from Christ and feeling and finding joy no matter what.
November – Velvet Broughton-Janes (Daleside)
Making christingles and being ‘the light of Christ’ to one another.
October – Tony Stewart (South Lakes)
Luke 22 and the presence of Jesus at a ‘breaking of bread’.
September – Tony Norris (Barnsley)
Why did Jesus have to die?